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How to Dress Like a Little Monster for Lady Gaga

Mother Monster returns to Dallas this Thursday at American Airlines Center and this time she brings her artRAVE: The artPOP Ball along with her. Never mind the haters; seeing Lady Gaga in concert is still a crazy-fun experience and a great excuse to dress up. In fact, it's the Little Monsters who really steal the show. Arenas around the world are invariably filled with fans who go all-out on costumes inspired by one of many different Gaga incarnations.

If you're joining in on the fun tomorrow, you won't want to be the loser who shows up without a costume. It's an "artRAVE" after all. If you're not sure how to make that perfect costume, we have a handful of can't-miss tips to get you going. And even if you're not attending the artRAVE save the list anyway -- Halloween is just around the corner.

1. Wear a Wig Let's be real: if you didn't already know, Gaga rarely wears her natural hair out and you shouldn't have to either. (Well at least for this one night.) The classic blond bob with blunt front bangs is her staple look. Any wig would work, though, since she herself has certainly ventured out of that particular iteration.

2. Use Lots of Boldly Colored Makeup A dramatic winged eyeliner with fake lashes and some vibrant red or pink lipstick may do the job. But there are other notable makeup looks like the skull makeup look from her "Born This Way" music video. Some other more "artistic" looks include the one from the "Applause" music video and, duh, let's not forget her David Bowie-esque lightning-bolt makeup.

4. Wrap Yourself in Caution Tape The "Telephone" music video has a decent amount of costumes that fans can easily recreate. A few scenes in the video show Gaga wearing yellow barricade caution tape, so if you decide to wear undergarments make your outfit a little more dangerous by wrapping yourself in caution tape. Some people have gotten creative and made a dress out of it. Barricade tape starts at $4.50. Who would have thought dressing like a little monster could be so cheap?

5. Bust Out Your Leather and Denim/b> Weather permitting, a leather or denim jacket add some edge to a Little Monster's outfit. Loyal Monsters know that nothing can make Gaga take off her leather, not even our summer heat. The denim can be any color and uniquely customized like this Little Monster's white vest. For the shy ones who dare to wear minimal clothing a jacket is also a nice way to cover up.

6. Put Coke Cans in Your Hair No money for wigs? Another cheap look to recreate from the "Telephone" music video consists of hair rolled on coke cans. Beer cans also work, which should come in handy after you crush all those roadies on the way to the show.

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Carmina Tiscareno