How Will The Happy Bullets Make Out?

Yesterday, over on FrontBurner, we saw a post by former Observer music editor Zac Crain, purporting that The Happy Bullets (who have a history of making some great videos) were going to attempt to break the world record for most people making out in one place at one time during an upcoming video shoot for their song "Fuck Yeah, I'm In Love With You".

On the eve of Valentine's Day, no less.

Our first thoughts: Very Weezer-ish. Very Cool. Nice scoop, Crain.

But, before long, we were left scratching our heads in a collective "How the hell... ?" The band is planning to use Hal Samples' Space to film the project--and that room, according to Samples, who we just spoke with, only boasts 2,500 square feet. Samples also tells us that the number the Bullets are trying to beat current stands at "6,140-something couples." No, not people. Couples.

Sounds like a logistical nightmare, made worse by the three-week time frame...

Samples, however, may have some tricks up his sleeves, like calling in some friends with experience--you may remember Pillow Fight Club and The Great Santa Rampage--so there may be a creative solution in the works. And Samples says he and the band have even kicked around the idea of getting local businesses to help out with the cause.

So this could be a pretty cool event to mark down on your calendars.

Or it could all be for naught: We just found out that, the very next day--on Valentine's Day, remember--a group organized by a liquor company and meeting in Trafalgar Square, London, is attempting to do the very same thing.

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