I Hate Sally

Dee Prescott, frontwoman for this Canadian doom metal quartet, looks like a Joan Jett starter kit, but once she lets loose her commanding roar, it's obvious that she's from an entirely different universe. Don't Worry Lady, I Hate Sally's sophomore effort, is a raging beast of a disc, a 10-song hard-core assault that doesn't have time for niceties such as melody or restraint. Described in their press materials as "four dirt bags who seldom shower," I Hate Sally makes music that takes solace in its own ugliness. Songs such as "Anna's Empty Conscience for the Blessed" and "Iscah's Cancer" tell a good deal of the story as guitarist Marc Garniss unleashes a maelstrom of shredded chords for Prescott to "sing" over. I Hate Sally have found their footing in the metallic sludge of excess, the musical equivalent of eating cement.
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Darryl Smyers
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