I Love Math's Getting All Leaky And Stuff

I Love Math's Getting All Leaky And Stuff

Getting To The Point Is Beside It, the new disc from I Love Math, won't be released until later this month (May 27, to be exact), but at least one song from the Dallas-based indie pop outfit that, it should be noted, boasts the Deathray Davies' John Dufihlo and The Old 97's' Philip Peeples and The Paper Chase's Jason Garner, has started to pop up in the blog circuit. The song's called "Josephine Street," and it's a beautiful, deliberately paced little ditty well worth your time. Here's where to find it.

Given the Peeples connection, it's not all surprising to hear that the band'll be touring alongside The Old 97's throughout June, as both bands promote their new discs across the land. --Pete Freedman

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