Ice Eater on Street Cats and Mr. Freeze

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Fort Worth's Ice Eater have played around the area for the last few months, but Thursday's set at Dada will be their Deep Ellum debut. We caught up with members Jordan Kline and Zach Edwards about the first Ice Eater gig and who plays a better Mr. Freeze.

You guys are playing Dada tomorrow. Do you have any fond memories of seeing a great show there? Or any memories of playing a show with previous bands? Jordan Kline: Yeah I do. Back in 2007, a month before I moved to Austin, where I lived for four years, I DJ'd an all day barbecue for a now defunct blog called Boca Tinta. It was singer/songwriter showcase kind of thing, with lots of awesome artists. A few I remember are Chris Johnson from Telegraph Canyon, Doug Burr and Sarah Jaffe, who at the time was a new artist in the Dallas music scene. I played music in between and after, but the coolest part was that there were some stray kittens who were living on the patio. The owner and the bartender were trying to get people to adopt the little cuties and I totally picked one out and took him with me to Austin two weeks later. We've been together ever since. I named him Mr. Stevie Nicks. He's a badass street cat born at a bar, how cool is that? Zach Edwards: I recently saw a Disappears show there. It was really awesome. The singer/guitarist, Brian Case, was from one of my favorite bands, 90 Day Men, and Steve Shelley's the drummer for Sonic Youth. Really awesome shoegaze garage rock.

Where was the first Ice Eater show, and how did it go? Jordan: The first Ice Eater show was at the Wherehouse in Fort Worth on Leap Day. It was totally awesome, we had a dude do a magic show, a choreographed dance routine and The Hanna Barbarians headlined. There were tons of peeps there. We love playing the Wherehouse, it's definitely one of the coolest clubs ever.

What was the first show you paid your own money to see? Jordan: The first show I ever went to was Smashing Pumpkins at Reunion Arena on the Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness tour. I was in fifth grade. Technically I didn't pay for the tickets (my dad did), but I made him buy them for me and I remember waiting in line for the tickets to go on sale at Ticketmaster. In case you don't remember, the show was delayed because the keyboard player OD'd, which is something I didn't completely understand, being in elementary school. Zach: First show I ever paid to see was a Baboon/The Paper Chase show put on by Buzz Oven at the Ridglea Theater. It changed everything I knew about music and what a band could be.

Jordan, you've been a DJ for many years and you used to sing in a hardcore band. Is there any genre you won't play in? Jordan: Yes there is, Eric. If you asked me two years ago what I would be doing now, I would have never thought this would be it. Back to the genre I would not play in: I would have to say bluegrass. I can't stand the banjo and fiddle being played fast with that whole "old-time" music feel. If Steve Martin wanted to jam "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," then that's a whole different story.

Actors who have been Mr. Freeze: Who's better, the ones on the live action TV show in the '60s or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Zach: Eli Wallach, for sure! Jordan: I would say Arnold.

Ice Eater plays Dada on Thursday, August 30, with Cleanup and Shapes and Faces.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.