Idolator takes a swing at music blogs

...Does that mean Idolator is punching itself? I normally don’t read Idolator because I think they are snotty jerks. But tomorrow my cover feature on Interweb phenoms Ghosthustler comes out (ah, yes, I can already hear the swelling collective groan from little d music obsessives), and much of the story focuses on the Web and music blogs and the part they play in the world of band-dom these days. So when I happened to notice the headline “Overheated World of Music Blogging Results In a Few Cases of Exhaustion,” well, a normally latent interest was piqued. Take a look at the story after the jump...

In the story, Maura Johnston analyzes Bill Wasik’s article in the new Oxford American , in which he in turn looks at whether we really need all these damn music blogs in the world, and the implications of the of the availability of an infinite number of songs. Johnston’s blog item is extremely well-written and also contains some interesting points about the downside of so many effin’ musiblogs, notably that, “there being so much chatter and noise that I've gone back to only really trusting recommendations from friends and a few hand-picked sources in order to find out about new music.” Which is weird, because she’s writing this in a music blog post. And now I’m writing about her music blog post in my music blog post. My head hurts. –Jonanna Widner

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.