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In Addition to Music Museum, Bucks Burnett Will Launch Locals-Only Eight-Track Label

Over on Unfair Park moments ago, Big Bucks Burnett announced, at long last, that he's finally found a home for his Eight Track Museum. Long story short: Merry Christmas, Deep Ellum! Literally. Opening day's December 25. Somewhere on Commerce Street. He ain't saying exactly where. Not for a couple more weeks, anyhow.

But Bucks does provide this interesting detail: In addition to the museum, which will house more than my mother's former format of choice, Bucks is also launching an eight-track-only label, natch. And, having formed an alliance with Idol Records, he's already got the band and release date all picked out.

I'll let him explain after the jump.

The museum will also operate a small music label named Cloud 8 for limited, deluxe runs of 8 track releases by local and national acts. The first signing to the Cloud 8 label are The O's, who will stage an 8 track release party for their new album Between The Two Of Us at the Eight Track Museum on Feb. 8, 2011, the same day as their LP/CD launch at Good Records. Only 8 copies of The O's 8 track will be manufactured. They will be numbered, and signed by the band, and auctioned at the museum Feb. 8th. The 8 track will be released in conjunction with The O's label, Idol Records.

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