In Honor of Nicki Minaj's Dallas Hotel Skirmish: The Ten Best Musician Fights of All-Time

By nature, musicians are a rowdy bunch. When tempers run high, as they often do with this hot-blooded bunch, stuff gets broken. And by "stuff," we mean musicians themselves.

When musicians fight, it's often very public, very bloody, and the source of national news.

Such was the case this week when Nicki Minaj got into an altercation at Dallas' Palomar Hotel on Monday night. Although Nicki appears to have survived her ordeal with nary a scratch on her, other musicians have not fared so well. If you think Nicki's hotel snafu is a big deal, click on the jump for ten musician fights that make Nickigate look tame.

All we've gotta say about it is this: You kids better cut it out before someone gets hurt.

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Laura Mann