In Which Fishboy Capably Reestablishes Itself As The Most Creative Band In North Texas...

Yesterday marked the release of Denton indie pop favorite Fishboy's sixth studio full-length, Classic Creeps (the band's seventh release if you count 2009's Nom, for which the Om Nom Noms re-recorded some of mastermind Eric Michener's songs). Per usual, it's an enjoyable collection of pop-rock gems that toe the line between goofy and hyper-literate.

And, in a nice twist, it's got a little bit of a storyline: The disc, which, interestingly, only has song titles that begin with the letter A, follows a cast of characters whose lives intertwine due to family ties, love interests and career motivations. And it all ends in a fairly tragic explosion.

I'd go into more depth on that tale, but why bother? The insanely creative Michener's already made a series of comic strips that tell the story beyond his own song lyrics. And he's already released two music videos further fleshing the concept out -- one rather esoteric clip for the song "Alyson Revere" and another for the song "Autumn the Owl (Mistakes the Feelings of Being In Love with the Feelings of Being an Owl)" -- both of which you can watch after the jump, where you can also stream the disc in full.

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