Is MySpace Marring Band Mystique?

Sometimes it's great that bands can communicate with their via MySpace bulletins and Facebook notes, and other times it really just shows how dorky the band members are. This isn't bad, but it's hard to maintain mystique when telling your band's “friends” about what you just watched on TV. Read this item Luis Dubuc (

The Secret Handshake

) posted last night, to understand where I'm headed with this.

if you watch americas best dance crew on mtv, then all the following things will make sense to you.....

i was just thinking....

is it gay that i watch this show and get all excited when the Jabbawockeez come on?

Is it weird that i was a little bummed that kaba modern got kicked off the show?

Is it weird that im considering spending 29 bucks on a Jabbawockeez t shirt? hahhahahhahaha

Is it weird that i made a song for the Jabbawockeez? its pretty rad i think

Is it weird i think i get stoked to see Ac slater [Mario Lopez hosts the MTV reality show] on tv again? i mean, i guess he WAS on pet star, but that show sucked anyways...

but on the real.

jc chasez is a HATER, and lil mama is like 29 years old.


im still on tour.

look at my myspace for the dates!!!!!!! going to sleep now/

bye bye -luissssss*

Admittedly, I always loved when Chris Ross, drummer for Nora -- one of my favorite hardcore bands, would post items about what the band was up to – dicking around in the studio, silly videos of the band – but overall it fostered the idea that being in a band is cool. Knowing that really they spend their down time sitting on the couch at home watching shows like Gossip Girl would kill the image (though, I'd put money on it being true). So, bands, I'm just asking for a little mystery in our relationship. -- Chelsea Ide

* Yes, all the typographical, grammar and capitalization errors in Dubuc's post are all his own.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.