The Tomorrowpeople of yesteryear. (Stephanie Bohn)

Is There Another Tomorrow For Tomorrowpeople?

You could tell something was different at The Double-Wide on Saturday night. The crowd was better dressed. Older, too--that's true. Mostly, though, they were excited.

You could sense the anticipation in the air on the Double-Wide's patio. These people--The Angelus, be damned--were here to see Tomorrowpeople.

And the Tomorrowpeople were happy to have them. Their 45-minute or so set was filled with "thank you for being here" sentiments, and talk about how good it was to be back on stage. You could tell they meant it, too--guitarist Erich "Jody Powerchurch" Scholz was fighting back a giddy smile all night, trying to give off a rockstar air of "Yeah, we're playing a show. So what?" Right. That's why it was so packed in there.

"It was a lot of fun," Scholz reflects today, now having had a chance to let the night's set sink in. "We recorded it on the soundboard. It was super sloppy and hilarious, but it was fun."

A little different, too: Vocalist-guitarist Mike Gibson needed a stool to sit on so he could see the acoustic guitar he was playing with more ease. But Scholz says it felt good to be back on stage and that the rest of his bandmates agreed--even though he's a little hard on the way his act sounded according to the recording ("The guitar sounded horrible and my vocals were off").

Me? I enjoyed it. The crowd energy helped.

But the question remains: Where does this leave the band? Scholz reminds me about the iTunes catalog that'll be available soon, but isn't sure about a further future. He'd like one, he says, but a lot's up in the air.

"It's one of those things where it's like, 'How are you going to top that?" he says. "It's such a cliche, but it felt like we were on an amusement park ride up on that stage. If we walked away now and never did it again, I'd be satisfied."

OK, then.

But then there's this: Scholz says he's spoken with Spune Productions about a Fort Worth show some time down the road. And he says Tomorrowpeople may play Dallas again in the fall...

As of now, though, none of its set in stone. So we'll keep you posted.--Pete Freedman

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