The Thorn Vs. Side guys are branching out. (Dustin Cromer)
The Thorn Vs. Side guys are branching out. (Dustin Cromer)

The Thorn Vs. Side guys are branching out. (Dustin Cromer)

It’s Feast Or Famine For Thorn Vs. Side’s Nick Nowell

Nick Nowell, frontman for local metal band Thorn vs. Side might have a few too many irons in the fire. Besides leading his band and teaching seventh grade English (where, in order to work, he must remove his countless body rings and cover his many tattoos), Nowell just joined the nationally recognized death metal band The Famine.

Explains Nowell: “Thorn vs. Side is still trucking along, writing songs and practicing when we can, but I’ll be on tour with Famine for most of May, all June and most of July.”

Plus, other members of Thorn vs. Side might be entering the national scene as well: “I don’t know if this is kosher to report, but it looks like our bassist Jon is going to be playing in Saboteur with Justin and Brain from Red Animal War.”

Since it’s been nearly two years since Thorn vs. Side released its terrific Arson EP, Nowell plans to reconvene the band during the summer and push forward with their original project.

“The plan is to cut some super fancy demos and see if we can stir up enough interest to get someone to drop cash for a record,” says Nowell. --Darryl Smyers

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