It's Friday the 13th, So Watch This Video For The Angelus' "Crimson Shadow"

If Paul Thomas Anderson is indeed making a sequel to There Will Be Blood, as has been rumored, he needs to cast Angelus singer Emil Rapstine in it somewhere. The Dallas trio's new video for single "Crimson Shadow," directed by Jake Wilganowski, formerly of Bridges & Blinking Lights, contains various elegant, creepy scenes involving water, candles and ghosts. The band gave Wilganowski lyrics and the song, and let him take it from there.

"There is a shroud of mystery as to what has happened to the woman in the video," Rapstine says, "but we see that she has been summoned back from the water with haunting results. I think the rest can be left up to the viewer's interpretation.

"Also, Jake really liked the idea of me sitting in a chair while the water poured down on me."

In other news, The Angelus has recently been folded into the Spune booking family. You can catch them tomorrow night at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, opening for School of Seven Bells.

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