Jermaine Dupri Wants To Quench your Thirst With Dallas Artist Dondria

On The Huffington Post today, hip-hop producer Jermaine Dupri discusses the question of the Youtube phenomenon as it pertains to musical talents.

Specifally, he wonders how it pertains to a Dallas artist named Dondria (nicknamed "Phatfffat"), who Dupri found on the Internet (and later signed) after having been told of her thousands of Youtube hits.

The question is how quickly should an artist like this be turned around? Obviously, Soulja Boy turned his Web success around fairly quickly, but when an artists get signed to a major label, there's usuallly some development time factored in. Trying to keep up the momentum Dondria's gained on Youtube, JD"s fast-tracking the album. But he open-endingly wonders if he's doing the right thing.

It's an interesting if ultimately unsatisfying read. But it does shed some light on Dondria, who, even though she's singing cover songs on Youtube, is pretty effin' talented...

...right? --Pete Freedman

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