Jonquil's Dominic Hand on Falling Asleep at a Jet Concert

Four-piece Jonquil hails from Oxford, England, and while they've played the states before, they've never played Dallas.They land at The Prophet Bar on Monday, April 9, opening for Keep Shelly in Athens, and touring behind their debut LP, Point of Go. Drummer Dominic Hand took some time out to share his first show experiences.

What was the first show you remember seeing? Were you with your parents? Jools Holland Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with my mum. Even then I remember liking the band more than the piano playing.

What was the first show you paid for? Anything to brag about? Weezer, touring The Green Album, at Birmingham Academy. Nothing to brag about really. I crowd surfed twice, which I suppose was pretty bold for my first gig, but I did get dropped on the second go and lost a shoe, so I haven't done it since.

So far, what's the worst show you've ever seen? I fell asleep watching Jet at Reading Festival one year. Pretty impressive that a band that obnoxious can be so soporific.

What do you remember about the first Jonquil show? The first show I played, a year and a half ago, was a Blessing Force house party in the old Jonquil basement in Oxford. We've not played a more humid show since.

This is your first time to play Dallas, what do you anticipate? We're looking forward to seeing how it compares to Austin.

Jonquil plays The Prophet Bar on Monday, April 9.

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