Justin Bieber To Debut New Music Video During Game Three of the World Series

If your mixed-up tween has a sudden interest in baseball, don't get your hopes up. More than likely, they haven't decided to jump on the Texas Rangers bandwagon like the rest of us.

Rather, they, like the rest of the free world under the age of 15, are probably more excited about Justin Bieber, who will be debuting a video for his song "Never Say Never" just before World Series Game 3 on Fox. And no, it's not the same video posted above, which features scenes of Jaden Smith doing some pretty sweet karate moves with Jackie Chan from the movie The Karate Kid. The video, which will probably be more cringe-inducing than the 8th inning of Game 2, is for the acoustic version of the song, and will feature Bieber wearing the jerseys of both teams, along with, of course, his signature haircut--the Bieber.

But, because he's Canadian, and because of the likelihood that he thinks The Claw is an Inspector Gadget reference, we're pretty sure he doesn't care that much about baseball, but you can be sure that the kids will be glued to the TV for the pre-game show.

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