Kanye West's "Theraflu," Explained

America loves hip-hop music, but we don't always understand the meaning behind the message. We love to dance awkwardly to "Rack City" in the comfort of our homes while throwing imaginary ones in the air, but seldom take the time to break down a song line by line to derive its true meaning.

That's why I'm here, to shine a light into hip-hop's lyrical abyss, decoding the meaning behind some of your favorite hip-hop songs.Today's installment: Kanye West's recent Hit Boy-produced single, "Theraflu."

[Intro: DJ Khaled] Kanye West!

At least DJ Khaled isn't yelling his own name.

Swag King Cole

A play on famous jazz crooner Nat King Cole.

DJ Khaled

Spoke too soon.

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Austin Staubus
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