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Kasey Chambers On The Songs She Couldn't Fit In Her Storybook

Just over a year ago, we caught up with Australian singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers as she was touring behind her excellent LP, Little Bird. That album not only showcased original material, but a return to the folk-rock form she used to become a '90s country darling.

These days, Chambers finds herself paying tribute to the songwriters that have inspired her over the years with the upcoming Storybook. While another album with husband Shane Nicholson (they recorded the fantastic Rattlin' Bones in 2008) is on its way very soon, this current tribute is still compelling. Chambers lends her range to the covers, including Suzanne Vega's "Luka" and Gram Parsons' "Return of the Grievous Angel."

With Chambers playing what is sure to be a packed Kessler Theater tonight, we thought it would be interesting to ask which songs just barely missed out on being included.

5. "Mad World," Tears for Fears I love, love, love this song, but it's been covered by so many people over the years. Of course, I do still cover it live sometimes.

4. "A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall," Bob Dylan This is one of my favorite songs ever, but it just had too many verses to learn.

3. More Lucinda Williams songs I honestly had soooo many Lucinda Williams songs that I was choosing from. I've covered and loved so many of them over the years. "Change the Locks," "When We Talk," "Am I Too Blue?," "Greenville," "Can't Let Go" and "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad" are some examples. I feel so connected to them all in different ways. I really just ended up picking the first one I learned to sing ["Happy Woman Blues"]. It really was just as much about the artist who's inspired so much as the song itself on this choice.

2. "Satan Is Real," The Louvin Brothers I love so many songs from the Louvin Brothers, especially from the Satan Is Real album, so any one of those songs would have been next in line.

1. "Freight Train," Fred Eaglesmith "Freight Train" is one of my favorite Fred Eaglesmith songs. I recorded it a long time ago and also play it a lot live, so it was on the list to include until I decided to use "Water in the Fuel" instead.

Kasey Chambers performs tonight, August 15, at The Kessler Theater.

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