Kicking Off The Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase. Also, Zombies

UPDATE (Sunday, 10/16): We got your photos from the main stage, and the night in Deep Ellum in our slide shows. Much more to come. What a night.

OK, here we go, here we go.

Right now, Sarah Jaffe's on the main stage over here at Elm and Good Latimer--kicking off a night of fifty-plus bands on ten different stages around Deep Ellum. On this stage, it'll be Sarah Jaffe, Centro-Matic, the Old 97's, and the Toadies. From then on, it's a night in the Deep Ellum's clubs and bars. And it's going to be a good night. For example:

1. There were seen zombies mauling SWAT teams on Main Street in Deep Ellum.
2. We have a jumbotron out here at the Main Stage, so you can watch the Rangers-Tigers Game Six on a big ol' screen.
3. Rhett Miller, lead singer of the Old 97's, was asked to sing the National Anthem at the Rangers game. He isn't, of course, because he's playing our Music Awards Showcase. We are proud. Proud.

After the jump, we prove that there were, in fact, zombies:

Tweet at us from the showcase with the hash #domaxxiii--you might see your tweet in a blog post on DC9. That's right.

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