Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, The Whigs

Must Kings of Leon do everything backward? First the Followill boys went and got mega-popular in the U.K. before the brooding but hook-loaded 2008 LP, Only By the Night, finally kicked them up to similar arena/amphitheater status in the States.

Now the Kings are about to release Night's follow-up, Come Around Sundown—lead single "Radioactive" features another U2-ish lead guitar line from Matthew Followill and full-fledged gospel chorus—right after they get off the road. Ah well. Hardly ever not on tour since Night came out, the Kings are bringing a real bonus for this go around in openers The Black Keys.

Released earlier this year, the Akron duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney's sixth LP, Brothers, trades in some of the overall oomph of past efforts Attack & Release and Rubber Factory—though not on "Everlasting Light" and instrumental "Black Mud"—for the sexy, scratchy '70s soul of the wispy "I'm Not the One," celesta-kissed "Too Afraid to Love You" and some actual sexy, scratchy '70s soul: a save-the-last-dance-for-me cover of Jerry Butler, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff's "Never Gonna Give You Up."


Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, The Whigs

Oh, and the other openers, The Whigs, ain't too shabby either.

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