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Kirtland Records Expects to Release Reissue of Bush's Sixteen Stone at Some Point in 2012

​For a while there, it was the best rumor in local music -- that the Dallas-based Kirtland Records owned Bush's back catalog because label owner John Kirtland, the former drummer for Deep Blue Something, had won it in a high-stakes poker game.

Turns out, alas, it's just a tall tale.

"I love that rumor," Kirtland told DC9 with a laugh at last night's Burning Hotels CD release show. "I wish it were true."

The real story goes something like this: The imprint Kirtland ran before starting his self-titled label was owed some money after a partner went under, but there was no money to be had -- just contracts. Among the contracts Kirtland received to make up for the debt -- and the lone contract he still owns after turning around and selling the other rights he'd acquired (including some No Doubt-related ones) -- was Bush's back catalog.

Next year, the label finally plans on doing something with that entity.

According to Kirtland, his label is currently remixing and remastering Bush's debut and breakthrough release, Sixteen Stone. Originally released in 1994 (interestingly enough, the same year that Rubberneck, the debut record from the similarly Kirtland-helmed Toadies, earned its  release), the label expects to reissue the updated album at some point next year.

Good timing, too: After a few years of touring and releasing music under his own name, Gavin Rossdale has reunited with his old Bush bandmates and is currently touring under the old moniker. 

The band plays the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie on October 23.

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