Know Any Steve Winwood Covers and Want To Party With A $20 Billion Hedge Fund Manager?

Just last Friday, our new Unfair Park guy Eric introduced us to James Dondero, Highland Capital's giraffe-eating, cheating, snooping hedge fund manager. In other words, the dude has a lot of money and likes to party.

As such, his 50th birthday is approaching on June 22, and a person who works at Highland Capital Management reached out to DC9 at Night via email to find an "acoustic guitarist that plays music similar to Steve Winwood (or covers Winwood-type music)."

As an aside, can you imagine a billion dollar hedge fund manager listening to anything but Steve Winwood? I picture him making it rain with hundred dollar bills to the tune of "Higher Love."

The email continues: "My boss likes the Old 97's, I'm told, but the lead guitarist is booked that night." C'mon, like Ken Bethea has anything better to do. It's not like the band has a show that night.

Lucky for you, dear axe (guitar)-wielding reader, the gig, which will take place at Hotel Zaza, hasn't yet been booked. Restring that acoustic and work up your best Winwood covers. Throw in some Huey Lewis & The News for good measure and contact Highland Capital Management L.P. 

Payment will be in giraffe jerky.

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