Kool A.D. Hits Bryan Street Tavern Tonight, Without Gwenyth Paltrow

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Hey, do you like Das Racist? Then you would probably like Kool A.D. That's how we used to find music, remember? Before we had a Google reader full of blogs we love to hate to love to read telling us who to see, and when to admit in public we are seeing them. I realize I am saying all this to you on a blog, but that's my point. Let's go see a show and decide for ourselves. 

Victor Vasquez, aka Kool A.D., usually represents one-half of the Brooklyn-based rap duo Das Racist, and he's in town tonight, touting his newest solo mixtape, 51. Kool's signature flow stays brainy and laid-back, but 51 is an interesting counterpoint to Das Racist's confrontational cleverness. Kool has always played the easy-going cool kid to Heems' energetic soapboxer, but here the beats finally match up with the ease in his voice. Plus, instrumental tracks like "Island High Cypher" show us what Kool and his collaborators are capable of off the mic.

Go find out for yourself, when Kool A.D. plays Bryan Street Tavern. Houston's Fat Tony opens. In the meantime, watch this fantastic/creepy video for Kool A.D.'s "Gwenyth Paltrow," a hazy track from a not-yet-released mixtape.


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