Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Local American Idol Angle...

His name is Jason Castro and he calls Rowlett home. You might recognize him from the MTV show Cheyenne, in which he played love interest numero uno to Frisco's Cheyenne Kimball. (This is a growing trend, apparently, that has a lot of AI viewers calling bullshit on this season--a whole bunch of them are old record label and reality TV show retreads...)

Anyhow, I think we just found the candidate we'll be pulling for out of sheer hometown pride.

Check out his cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" during a Prophet Bar performance:

On another note: Taylor had the Soul Patrol; Aiken had the Claymates; McPhee offered up McPheever. What'll Jason's fans be deemed? Here's pulling for The Living Dread. -- Pete Freedman

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