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Lady Gaga at the American Airlines Center, 1/29/13: Review, Photos and Setlist

The Lady Gaga show at American Airlines Center offers a narrative, as these sorts of productions often do: We are somewhere in space. There is a procession. An evil authority figure rides a horse made of humans in costume. Sexy men wield flags saying, "G.O.A.T." which we will later learn stands for Government Occupied Alien Territory. We will also learn that Dallas, Texas is under the jurisdiction of this occupying government. But that will not last. Tonight, we break free.

What, specifically, we break free from is the sort of meddlesome detail that does not burden a Lady Gaga show. She offers generic triumph and fist-pumping rage against the machine of your choosing. Whether you're the victim of bullies at school or stuck in a dead-end job or forced to live in a society that doesn't think your love is the same as other people's love, Lady Gaga offers you a gathering place. All this is set to songs that could be the (mostly pretty excellent) soundtrack for a Broadway musical about the development of pop music over the last 30 years.

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Kiernan Maletsky
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