Last Night: Colour Revolt at Hailey's Club

Colour Revolt
Hailey's Club, Denton
October 4, 2009

Better than: Spending the whole night sobbing over the Cowboys' loss.

As part of a short tour through the south, Colour Revolt stopped by Hailey's in Denton for what seemed to be more of a small get together--a really nice small get together. At first, the small crowd was a bit surprising, but then it hit me--hello, this is Denton, half of the city packed up and drove four hours south for Austin City Limits.

With such a small crowd, the show proved to be much more intimate--the bar was empty and anyone who took a seat during the first two bands stood up to rock their head and close their eyes to the "oohs" and "aahs" offered by the headliner.

And, the Mississippi natives kept things compelling, while playing mostly songs from the latest album, Plunder, Bed, and Curse. Instead of back-loading the set with fan favorites, this band offered its fans at the show a little more respect, playing the crowd favorite "Mattresses Underwater" from its first EP right in the middle of the performance.

Sure, any commentary from the band and crowd was limited, but with such a relaxing sound, bad jokes and asking fans to buy a few t-shirts was best left for the second band on the lineup. Called Winston Audio, this act was strangely placed in the middle of two really great bands. With raspy guitar riffs and non-sense screaming, the band sounded more like a Jet cover band.

The first band, meanwhile, Sad Accordions, started at 10 p.m. and played a 45-minute set filled with harmonica, keyboard and explosive drum fills. The Austin-based band made fun of the weather back home and commended Denton's lack of humidity.

Though the crowd was even smaller at the beginning of the night, Sad Accordions really set the pace for an overall really great show.

Critic's Notebook
Persoal Bias:
I've seen Colour Revolt a couple of times before, so I was already anticipating a great show.

By The Way: The majority of the crowd was wearing black pea coats and toboggans...Really? It wasn't that cold!

Random Note: If I had cash, I would have totally bought Sad Accordion's album, A Bad Year for the Sharons. Thank goodness for the Internet.

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