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Last Night: Deerhoof At The Granada Theater

Deerhoof, Experimental Dental School, Flying, Hawnay Troof Granada Theater Novermber 7, 2008

Better Than: Being accused of hitting on a 14-year-old by his mother. Seriously, this happened.

I had heard that Deerhoof had a lot of underage fans (this might explain the 8 o’clock show start time). But there were so many hands with black x’s on them last night.

And the crowd was on the thinner side.

But the crowd that was there was pretty excited to see Deerhoof.

And when the screen/curtain rolled up to reveal the band, and the smokers flooded back through the doors and into the theater, it became a giddy, enthusiastic crowd--for both the x’d hands and wristbands alike.

Suddenly Deerhoof was reveleaed: drummer Greg Saunier, two guitarists and….a tiger?

Yeah, singer Satsomu Satomi Matsuzaki, tiny and everything, wore a giant and weirdly real-looking tiger head on her head. She used it to good effect, too, in the opening song; but she soon put it away as the band moved through its set--mostly stuff off of its new album, Offend Maggie.

Since adding guitarist Ed Rodriguez into the loop, the band's modern prog rock sound has developed a more organic feel, and that comes across as nothing less than some damn good playing in concert. And the band did it all with very little banter.

Critic's Notebook: Personal Bias: I like Deerhoof and have for awhile. So I got to the Granada already thinking the show was awesome...

By The Way: New guitarist Ed Rodriguez is a great addition to the band’s sound and onstage dynamic. Just watching him and fellow guitar player John Dieterich make faces and riff off each other made me want to buy a band T-shirt.

Random Note: Man-about-Denton Paul Slavens was there last night, fedora in place. Very cool. --Dianna Wray

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