Last Night: Leg Sweeper, B L A C K I E and Xry at Canton Co-Op

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Leg Sweeper, B L A C K I E, Xry
Canton Co-Op
January 18, 2010

Better than: seeing a show at a venue that actually makes me pay for beer.

Tuesdays sometimes seem like the neglected middle child day of the week -- the one that always minds his own business, really likes model airplanes, but is just too easily ignored.

So much more of a joy it was, then, when word spread that Leg Sweeper was putting on a farewell show last night before going on tour for the third time.

The place? Deep Ellum's Canton Co-op, where the friends and family of the band were welcomed with warm hugs and a free keg of beer.

Pretty damn good way to spend a Tuesday night.

As you read this, Leg Sweeper is, hopefully, hitting the road destined for the frigid tundra up north to New York City and back -- in a '95 Ford Windstar no less --and making stops in Little Rock, Nashville, Atlanta and other cities along the way.

Joining the band at this bon voyage show were a few out-of-towner bands from San Antonio and Houston. The bands -- XRY from San Antonio and Blackie from Houston --  made plenty of use of the open floor space and the furniture, which, sadly, the Co-op will probably have to replace. But, in many ways, that seemed the point of the night. It felt less like a show and more like a recess for a handful of musicians who don't mind singing into the faces of the audience.

And the audience didn't much mind, either.

When Leg Sweeper finally came on, the crowd gathered around -- not a difficult task at all, considering that the band consists of two players -- and Dallas' favorite punk duo hardly disappointed. Really, despite the head-bobbing and body-slamming of the folks in the crowd, Taylor Stolly and "Boots" Gomez probably had more fun than the audience.

As for their advice to Leg Sweeper and their first solo tour, the other bands were a bit laconic.

B L A C K I E thoughtfully rubbed his chin: "Just get back home -- yeah, don't die."

Joe Vega, the bassist for XRY, had a bit more to say: "Baby wipes. Lots of baby wipes. And baby powder." He didn't elaborate, nor did I ask him to.

Critic's Noebook
Personal Bias:
This was not the first time I've been elbowed in the face at a Leg Sweeper show. It's also not the first time I've enjoyed it.

By The Way: Drummer Taylor Stolly's parents were there. There are three drummers in his family.

Random Note: The band will be back in February. But I don't know what kind of shape they'll be in.

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