Last Night: Play-N-Skillz Grammy Party At Plush

Play-N-Skillz, Big Tuck, Slim Thug, Pitbull, Paul Wall, Too $hort, more
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Better than: Parking a filthy, body-damaged Scion Xb in a metered spot and walking two blocks to avoid using the valet service, all the while contemplating how out of place you are anywhere near a red carpet.

Download: This slideshow with pictures by Travis Ferguson and myself.

As we noted yesterday, Play-N-Skillz celebrated their Grammy nomination last night into this morning with a star-studded night at Plush (which is hosting a casting party for Paris Hilton's BFF show tonight, if that gives you any idea what kind of club we're talking about). The Salinas brothers have worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, many of whom turned out to show their support, along with other stars.

Rappers, models, hangers-on and industry types peacocked on the red carpet until about midnight, when the men of the hour rolled up in the most awe-inspiring limo I've ever seen. Forget about stretch Caddies, Lincolns and Hummers--Play-N-Skillz stepped out of a stretched version of an armored truck.

After their entrance, Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy took his spot in the DJ booth until just before last call, at which point he picked up the mic. That moment kicked off a whirlwind of one- or two-song sets of greatest hit(s) by Big Tuck, Slim Thug, Pitbull, Paul Wall and, of course, the humble hosts, to the crowd's raucous approval. A few highlights: Slim Thug and Paul Wall trading verses on "Still Tippin'," Paul Wall's "Break 'Em Off," and Pitbull's raunchy-fun  "Bojangles." But while the current stars pumped up the crowd, the audience saved its most enthusiastic response for Too $hort's "What's My Favorite Word?" Then, after Bun B did a Sean Kingston-free "That's Gangsta," Juan "Play" Salinas took the mic to close the night.

"We're gonna bring that Grammy back to Dallas," he promised as the thundering bass of Lil Wayne's Play-N-Skillz-produced "Got Money" shook the club. "We next, Dallas."

Random note: Why is it only dance clubs that employ scantily clad, bodypainted dancers? They'd sure make indie-rock shows at, say, The Cavern a lot more fun.

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