Last Night: The Dodos, The Luyas at The Loft

The Dodos, The Luyas
The Loft
September 1, 2011

Better than: rummaging through your closet for Star Wars merchandise to put in a bonfire.

​As soon as The Loft opened last night -- a little after 8:30 -- the very long line waiting in the downstairs bar got some relief. 

Most people went directly to the front of the upstairs stage and dropped anchor. Yes, there was an eagerness in this crowd, which was largely composed of people not old enough to buy alcohol. 

As the night went on, though, plenty of people of age and above joined them and enjoyed a pleasant evening. 

With four albums to their credit, guitarist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber have cultivated a unique sound that can only be categorized as their own. Most rock music, whether it's grindcore or the blues, emphasizes the downbeat. With skiffle and jig music, the emphasis is on the upbeat. So when this duo known as The Dodos focuses on those upbeats  while using rock instruments, categorizing them proves difficult. 

Luckily, the band's loyal fans don't need tags to have a good time. 

The last time The Dodos came through, opening for The New Pornographers at the South Side Music Hall, there was a focus on the acoustic and percussive sides of their sound. Augmented by a xylophone and a second drum kit, subtle colors came through. 

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Last night's show, however, was a more stripped-down affair. Assisted only by a second guitarist, the duo played almost nonstop for 70 minutes, including an encore. As lengthy as their 12-song set was, the crowd seemed like they could take in at least another half hour or full hour. 

Sure, the band's set-up was very simple, but they played the shit out of their instruments. Long ripped on his guitar more like a banjo, letting his left and right hands dance all over. Kroeber skated through polyrhythms on tom-toms and a snare drum, making them lock perfectly with Long. And as a frontman, Long's nuanced vocals floated in a tub of reverb, expanding the overall sound. 

Earlier in the evening, Montreal's The Luyas came to the stage with the right attitude. With smiles on their faces, they broke the ice by saying this was their first Dallas show. And their 40 minutes were pretty well-received. The band, augmented by The Dodos' second guitarist, had a swinging, steady trot to their music. 

Joined by The Dodos on a couple of songs (one had Long on trombone), frontwoman Jessie Stein even declared the collaboration as The Duyas. 

Critic's notebook 
Personal bias: I'm not an expert on The Dodos. I saw them for the first time last year and was impressed, but not completely taken by them. 

By the way: Pietro Amato from The Luyas joined The Dodos during their seventh song. On french horn, no less.

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