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Last Night: UltraViolet Rock Show at Club Dada

UltraViolet Rock Show April 26, 2008 Club Dada

Better than: Just being satisfied with the awesome compilation CD that was pulled together for the benefit as well.

The good music vibes from last weekend were apparently still in the air last night, because the UltraViolet Rock Show and Art Auction at Club Dada was slamming with great music and a hefty crowd. The mini-Lollapalooza of local bands dominating two stages brought out a major crowd of people that filled every nook and cranny of the place, even the secret hiding place bar. Even a quick sprinkle of rain wasn’t going to prevent the show from going on -- just maybe the outside bands.

I walked in on Sunward, who before have never done much for me. I liked the band’s stuff, but can’t say it stuck. However, the group was crisp and clean during its performance on the inside stage. Playing an energetic set, Sunward gave a lot of energy as if it was playing for a stadium crowd. OK, maybe a Nokia crowd -- but that level of commitment to giving a good show seemed prevalent, or at least contagious, for following inside stage bands El Gato and Wonderfool.

In probably one of the cleverest scheduling bits ever, bands alternated stages so there was nary a break in the action. While one act played inside, the next band was setting up to hit it on the patio. A nice cool evening was comfortable enough to hang out there all night, which, for the most part, I did; catching The Felons first.

The Felons sounded as good outside but were lax in an energetic presence, which was a mixed blessing for their set. This was probably one of their best sounding sets I’ve heard, but performance-wise they need to work on upping the energy. Interestingly enough, the same seemed to happen to Bridges and Blinking Lights, for which an ample crowd gathered for outside. A strong start had the heads bobbing just like Dallas does (will you guys give in and maybe move your feet or something?) but somehow, B&BL just faded into a forgettable performance.

Finally, we could pick up the UltraViolet compilation disc. (Melanie Gomez)
To say it was either band’s fault would be wrong though. Definitely a stage presence polish is necessary, but the night worked both for and against them. People were feeling good about themselves for donating, listening to a tremendous lineup of bands, buying art, having photos taken and having a drink in the night air – that stuff is distracting. But this wasn’t a night about that, it was about the good cause and the people turned out raising more than $4,600 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. -- Rich Lopez

Critic’s Notebook: Personal Bias: I know Club Dada’s Amanda Newman well and figure she was going to do a great job, but my expectations were exceeded with how well everything ran. The art show was jam-packed with interested buyers and just people who wanted to look, the bands were on top of it and even though, my lady Stella wasn’t around when I first got there, she was back on tap before the night was over. And we need to consider whoever was doing the sound. Sorry, but names escape me right now. I blame it on the shots Pete bought me.

Random Note: I don’t quite know the deets, but Washington band Lonely H was there to perform. Turned out the venue was double booked so the band couldn’t play. (Imagine the gas bill for the drive.) Newman paid the band members anyway and gave them drink tickets. In turn, I felt so bad for them, I just had to buy them shots.

By the way: You really should get a hold of the compilation CD.

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