Last Weekend: Voodoo, Beard, Dogs and Football

Once again, we're helping you relive the weekend in an effort to make Monday that much more bearable.

1. Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans

Crossing the state line was worth it this weekend to catch the killer bands on this festival's bill. We particularly enjoyed seeing Mute Math's (pictured) hometown performance and getting a glimpse of what the Smashing Pumpkins and Coheed and Cambria will be like when the bands come to Dallas in November.

2. Beard-a-fit at Club Dada

We would be remiss if we didn't say this was a show no one should have missed. Not only was the Saturday show's lineup outstanding (Shanghai 5, Backsliders), but it raised funds to help out a Deep Ellum icon. We hope you hit up the show.

3. College Watch Party at Victory Park

We're sick of watching football at our house. Sure, our TV is cool. Sure, we like our friends. We just wanted to get to watch the game with a lot of people, and we're broke, so tickets just don't happen. Luckily, the folks at Victory Park blast the game on those big screens in AT&T Plaza. We and a bunch of Texas fans (OK, there were also a handful of Nebraska fans) hit up the plaza this Saturday.

4. Walk & Wag at White Rock Lake

Early morning exercise is no reason to get excited, except this time it's a charity walk where your dog is invited. Oh, and there are costume contests -- even for the pup. DC-9 staff is a bunch of dog lovers. Those who feel similarly can ooo and ahh at our photos.

5. The Secret Handshake at House of Blues

The Dallas indie-electronic one-man band can't be stopped. The Secret Handshake -- a.k.a. Luis Dubas -- swoons the younger ladies with his tales of heartbreak and angst-touched need for change. We've been trying to catch up with the guy for a Q&A. We'll keep you posted.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.