Laughcast: Chad Daniels, Mark Agee, Ken Mathias

Sorry kids! Laughcast was on vacation last week in sunnier climes. Or so we hear—Laughcast sees the sun like Britney sees her drug counselor. But there is some serious, serious funny blowing through Fort Worth this weekend. If you've got to stay in town, though, Dallas won't be fogged up with a complete cloud cover of mediocrity.


Fort Worth Hyena's has Chad Daniels, who may not be able to actually get through his whole set due to the extreme amount of oral sex administered to him by the local comics who love him. When he was in town last, Laughcast heard one Dallas headliner lament, "He's so good, he makes me want to quit comedy." Local guy Mark Agee features.

If you've got to stay in town, Backdizzle it. Linda Stogner and Jan Norton's stellar lineup of local never disappoints. Show's at 9 p.m.


Cleverer writers would make puns and use clever euphemisms when talking about Ken "The Tie-Dye Guy" Mathias headlining the Comedy Corner Café in Fort Worth. But Laughcast will just lay it out for you: If you like smoking a big fat bowl of marijuana, you'll like this show. Snoochie boochies.

Gary Valentine is at the Addison Improv. He admits to being a writer and recurring character on The King Of Queens, which takes bigger balls than you have, compadre. -- Andrea Grimes

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