Laughcast: Tom Wilson, Aaron Aryanpur, Matt Sadler

If it's comedy you want, Dallas has it this weekend. While Tarrant County has some comedic offerings, the funny will be obscured by a heavy fog of haven't-we-heard-this-before? But the constellations in the clearly comedic night sky of Dallas forecast formidable amounts of funny.

Friday: The Addison Improv has Tom Wilson all weekend. You know him as Biff the bully from the Back To The Future trilogy, butthead. Local bigwig Aaron Aryanpur features. Here's a little bit of Aaron goodness: Hair

In Arlington and Fort Worth, Hyena's has Matt Sadler and Theo Von with Butch Lord, respectively. If that combo sounds familiar, well, it should.

Saturday: Swing by the Backdoor Comedy Club at the DoubleTree Hotel on Caruth Haven. Show's at 9 p.m. If you're the kind of person who hasn't yet seen the live brilliance of Backdoor owner Linda Stogner, you should stop being that kind of person by going to this show. Stogner will tell jokes along with her hand-picked lineup of the finest locals. -- Andrea Grimes

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