Lee Fields and the Expressions are Coming to Town. Here's Why it Matters.

We recommend lots of shows here. Every week we tell you about the ten or so concerts worth your hard-earned money and limited time. So I understand that we've kind of diluted our ability to be adamant. But let's try anyway: Lee Fields & the Expressions will play Sons of Hermann Hall on Friday. It will leave you breathing heavy and capable only of speaking in superlatives. Or at least that's the effect the band has on most of the people who write about them.

Writes Roy Kasten for the Riverfront Times:

The night was a party but Fields is a deep soul singer, as deep as any still on the circuit, and so it serves him and the audience right to suffer, suffer in the sweet anguish of "Wish You Were Here," an O.V. Wright-esque, lost-lover ballad. Fields confessed he knew not what it could mean until his father passed away shortly before recording it. The horns spiraled around him; he tapped into something that passes understanding.

He says it better than most, but the sentiment is always there. So you'll appreciate that this is a recommendation that comes from a different place. Fields is a soul singer with a half-century career, one that's seen him perform alongside the aforementioned O.V. Wright and Darrell Banks and Kool and the Gang and countless others. A recent deal with Brooklyn's Truth and Soul Records got him hooked up with his current band, The Expressions, and their three albums in the last ten years sound like they've been spinning hungrily on turntables for three decades.

So yes. Lee Fields and The Expressions will be in town Friday at Sons of Hermann Hall. You can buy tickets here. We're also giving a few away -- you can go to our Facebook or Twitter pages for details there.

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