Life's a Parade of Beards for David Mayfield

For those fortunate enough to have witnessed a Cadillac Sky performance before the genre-blurring bluegrass outfit's January 2011 break-up, many things were apparent after the show. The group's expert craftsmanship would likely be the main memory, but not too far behind would be the energetic showmanship of a band that had Ft. Worth ties running through its membership.

Perhaps the greatest showman of that band, luxuriously bearded and hilarious vocalist/guitarist David Mayfield, has now gone on to form his own band, The David Mayfield Parade. After a triumphant run as the main opening act for the Avett Brothers last year, Mayfield brings his Southern soul, roots and gospel parade back to town on Friday night. Given that he shares an affinity for beards with many North Texans, we wanted to find out about his all-time top five musical beards.

5. George Harrison When he grew his beard, it came complete with long flowing locks of hair, which made him appear as what I would refer to as a "Sexy Jesus," which is probably the best kind of Jesus. He is also the only Beatle who could write a good song in my opinion.

4. Jerry Garcia Rumor has it that when Jerry's beard grew to exactly 4 inches and 20 centimeters, he trimmed to keep it at that exact length. Now, I'm not saying all y'all kids out there should drop out of school, get a banjo and become hippy-dippy dope heads, but a friend of the Devil is a friend of mine.

3. Matisyahu I don't know about Dallas, but in other parts of America there is a people known as the Jewish. Now, they have some fine beards all around. I don't claim to be a beard balmalocha but when it comes to a little fluff on the chin Matisyahu is an alrightnik. You would have to be yutzi to not get complete nachas from watching this mensch rock his geschmak rhymes.

2. George Carlin A legendary comedian and a trendsetter, some would argue that the late, great Carlin, with his short grey beard, wasn't a musician, but just search for his piece titled "Modern Man" on the U Toobes. That's music to my ears.

1. Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) I tried to leave Billy off of this list. I literally tried. His attorney called me and said he had to be included. Billy Gibbons has the most famous rock and roll beard of all time. Rumor has it that he had it removed years ago and turned into a movie-grade fake beard that a team of three applies to his face with adhesive before every show. The process takes approximately three hours. He removes it after the show and simply walks out the front door, sharing a beer with oblivious fans at the local pub after the show.

The David Mayfield Parade performs Friday, March 23, at the Palladium Ballroom.

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