Lights All Night 2013: 10 Things We Learned on Friday

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It's already halfway over. For those interested in attending night two of Lights All Night, I have some sage advice that just might save your life, or just help you have more fun. Whatever. Read these ten lines, commit them to memory, and, of course, laminate them -- things get pretty wet and sticky in that convention center. If you can navigate things accordingly you might make it to the other side. This is your LAN Official Survival Guide. Or something.

1. First, and this should go without saying, DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Nothing ruins a long-form concert like an unintentional dizzy spell, and trust me, you don't want to be puking with your head in the used-on-average-1000-times-a-day toilets.

2. Lights All Night is a never ending series of 'holy shit did you see that' moments, and a people watching opportunity like you couldn't possibly imagine. On that note, make sure the phone you bring has a full charge. Videos, photos, and social network sharing are major drains on your device's battery life, and we all know that must-see events always occur immediately after the smart phone inopportunely dies, so double check that your phone has enough juice to last your entire visit.

3. Bring soothing music for the drive home. Your ears will be screaming at you the whole ride back, so bring something mellow and uncomplicated to drown out those pained squeals of your eardrums slowly dying. (Think nature sounds or crappy world music).

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4. I know it seems exciting and whimsical, but don't take unidentified pharmaceuticals from strangers. What you might imagine to be an Alice in Wonderland-type scenario could just as easily be a traumatizing descent into hellish madness, and a one way ticket to the emergency room.

5.They say that when in Rome do as they Romans do, so go ahead and wear lots of neon. I don't get it either, but just do it.

6. Leave everything superfluous, and I mean everything, in the car or at home. If it's not directly attached your body, don't bring it with you. First, almost nothing can be brought in (check the extensive list of prohibited items here) so you will end up abandoning many of your belongings at the door; and secondly, even things on your person, like say jackets, purses, etc, are essentially useless once inside, and will only serve to weigh you down. Believe me, you don't need any winter clothing at Lights All Night, whatsoever.

7. That said, do bring sunglasses. It may sound silly, or outright douchey, to wear sunglasses inside at night, but the searing neon and blinding lighting displays can wreak major havoc on the ole' retinas. Save yourself a headache and bring the shades just in case.

8. Wear comfortable, non valuable, non porous footwear. By ten at night, the convention center's stage rooms are already peppered with puddles of spilled liquid just waiting to ruin your favorite pair of kicks, so leave the nice shoes at home and make sure the ones you do bring don't share the absorption characteristics of a sponge. Sticky, sore feet are a guaranteed way to spoil your evening.

9. Bring cash. While many of the vendors take cards, the merch tables, for the most part, do not. Save yourself a frustrating ATM charge and bring good, old fashioned money in the event that you end up really needing a pair of those Deadmau5 glowing mouse ears. Free tip: please don't buy the Deadmau5 glowing mouse ears.

10. This is more for those around you, but, seriously, wear deodorant. With half of all the guys shirtless and nearly all the females in tank tops, you would think that this would be a given, but no. If I had dollar for every pit placed in far too close to my face on day one of LAN, I could probably buy a few more tickets for you and your friends.


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.