Lights All Night - Fair Park - 12/31/12

Lights All Night Fair Park Monday, December 31

New Year's Eve is always a tricky proposition, what with the whole cottage industry built around getting you out, getting you tipsy and then trying to get you home. This is probably why Lights All Night saved some of their biggest acts for the third and final night -- they wanted their attendees to think of going nowhere else.

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Judging by the crowd, that gamble was right. Much has been written about LAN and its Dallas roots; how it was just a party started by a couple of friends who, through hard work and an eye for what college kids like, have slowly turned it into a destination festival. This weekend was a gamble not just by the organizers, but the city of Dallas as well. For the city to affiliate itself with this "scene" so close to the Electric Daisy Carnival fiasco of a few years ago is a risk, though this year attendance was healthy, and the city seems to be getting an economic return in the form of venue/police/EMT rentals. Toss in the hundreds of people hired just to work the event and you can see how money easily overpowers the fear of some kid getting a little over his or her head with their good time.

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Jaime-Paul Falcon