Like Father, Not Like Son: Jakob Dylan Skipping Dallas

Like Father, Not Like Son: Jakob Dylan Skipping Dallas

Not only did rock icon Bob Dylan recently performed three sold out shows at House of Blues, but the famed songwriter seems to include Dallas as a stop on just about every tour he has.

Odd then that his son Jakob would stub the metroplex for his initial solo tour. The hunky leader of the Wallflowers has his solo debut, Seeing Things, set to hit the streets on June 10th. The disc was produced by Rick Rubin and is a mostly acoustic affair. And it looks like someone finally told him "Look, you moron, you're Dylan's kid. Stop running from it, you pussy"; new songs such as “Something Good This Way Comes” and “The End of the Telescope” show Jakob biting on his dad's style quite well, actually.

Too bad local folks what get a chance to hear the new stuff live as the closest he gets to Dallas is--stop me if you’ve heard this before--Austin. The young Dylan will tape an episode of Austin City Limits on July 8, then return in September for the festival of the same name.

Jakob is stopping by Denver, though, which maybe could satisfy our sister paper's cries about the lack of a Tom Waits show coming their way? Doubtful, but it's something. --Darryl Smyers

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