Listen: Nervous Curtains Stream New Single "Wired To Make Waves"

In just four day's time, Tuesday, March 29, to be exact, local synth-punk act Nervous Curtains will release a new 7-inch single for their song "Wired To Make Waves." But this morning, on the band's Twitter page, they direct their followers to a stream of the single, which we have after the jump.

The track is a twisted, go-go-worthy jam with a driving drum beat and a sinister organ. The production is very clean as the instrumentation appears to be quite minimal -- only drums, vocals, and some synthesizers and organs. But its simplicity is what drives the song forward, and the energy of singer Sean Kirkpatrick's vocals are enough to put the song on repeat. And the single's B-side, "Something Sinister," is a slow-grooving dark number that can be found over at the band's Bandcamp page.

Almost as impressive is the frequency at which the band releases music. Six months ago, we wrote about the band's last release, and six months before that they released their sophomore album Out Of Sync With Time.

Hit the jump to hear the single.

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Daniel Hopkins
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