Listen to This Will Destroy You as You Stare Into Brad Pitt's Eyes Watch The Moneyball Trailer

Last time we spoke with This Will Destroy You -- back in May, as the band was preparing the release of its newest full-length, Tunnel Blanket -- the cinematic post-rock band admitted to us its very clear aspirations. After having helped score the film Where Soldiers Come From, the band had begun to realize its knack for film scoring.

"We'd love to do more of that as time allows," drummer Alex Bhore said.

And now, in a way, they are. Since mid-June the band's music has gotten some top-notch exposure thanks to its being used in the trailer for the upcoming, Brad Pitt-driven baseball front office flick, Moneyball.

It's kind of a perfect pairing, too: Just when you think that running a baseball team is all fun and games and going against the system and cracking jokes about Jonah Hill, TWDY's "The Mighty Rio Grande," from its 2008, self-titled studio debut, kicks in and reminds you that, holy shit, life is hard, y'all.

Seriously. Give the trailer a much-merited watch after the jump. There, you can also give "The Mighty Rio Grande" a full listen, all while watching pretty pictures of things.

The trailer:

The song:

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