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Local American Idol Contestant Finally And Mercifully Gets Voted Off

I haven't watched a single second of American Idol this season, the show's seventh, and clearly I'm not alone; the ratings just keep dropping for the reality singing competition that made Burleson's Kelly Clarkson a star.

But area TV viewers did have a reason to watch the Fox reality show thanks to dreadlocked Rockwall native Jason Castro and his, uh, "high on life" sleep-walk to the top four.

Not at all surprisingly, though, that run came to its end last night, as America collectively decided that, if you make this far into the competition, you should probably should know your song selections well enough to not mumble through the fourth line--especially if it's a song as seminal as Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man."

But at least he seemed to know his departure was coming, even going so far as to admit--before he was officially eliminated, no less--that he took Simon Cowell's advice and did indeed already pack his bags so he could head home quickly.

The lesson learned? That, even on reality TV, the supposedly endearing charm of an aloof and apathetic stoner type does grow stale with time. Way to go, Jason!

Full sayonara clip after the jump. --Pete Freedman

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