Lone Oak High School's "Most Talented Musician" Wins $25,000 With Song Entry In A Upromise Contest

Caleb Shreve is something of a local; he lives in Lone Oak which is way the hell out east on I-30, past Greenville and some big lake.

Anyway, his classmates at good ol' Lone Oak High think he's something of a talent--they've honored him with the coveted "Most Talented Musician" superlative--and it looks like Shreve wants to make music his career. He says he hopes to study music at UNT when he's done with high school.

Problem is, that darn tuition's so expensive. So Caleb wrote a song and entered it into a Upromise competition for a $25,000 scholarship.

And, lucky him, he won. Check out the short little ditty: Caleb's Upromise Song (I couldn't figure out how to embed it, sorry.)

It's endearing enough.

But his song reminds me of something. Specifically, this:

But a college education should keep Caleb from "selling fish to tourists in T-shirts," I guess. --Pete Freedman


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