Look At This Poster For Disappears/Lotus Plaza/Nervous Curtains on Saturday

Disappears is a Chicago band that now counts Steve Shelley as their drummer. You know, he's the drummer for Sonic Youth, so basically I would say they're wonderful without even listening to them, but I did listen to Pre Language, their new album on Kranky. I'm not gonna lie: It sounds a lot like Sonic Youth, and I don't care. The songs are riffy, repetitive, slack, very "Chicago," all things I find hard to resist.

Now that all the members of SY have solo projects, Shelley seems to be the only one not shifting into Blazer Land. He's always been the rhythmic anchor, and remains so with Disappears. Though, I do quite like Lee Ranaldo's new solo album, and I agree with this assessment from Chicago writer Jessica Hopper:

Post 30/32, when you hit the adult-getting-your-shit-together streak, you want to be a Lee. Writing linear riffs, playing tennis, being grown-up with dignity, finding a manner of tucking in your shirt but somehow not looking like an asshole (if you are a dude).

Anyway, this will be a great show among a weekend of great shows. The poster was designed by the talented Steven Speir, who is based out of Philly and does a lot of similar colorful, monster-like designs like this skull-banger. Lotus Plaza is the project of Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt and Nervous Curtains just returned from tour, so they should be finely tuned. Austin's Sungod opens.

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Audra Schroeder
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