Look At This Poster: Lechuguillas, Terminator 2, Bludded Head, Eccotone and Secret Cakes at Rubber Gloves

A pretty fantastic local lineup tomorrow at Rubber Gloves for all you fans of the heavy stuff, as part of Gutterth's latest live episode. Lechuguillas and Terminator 2 are about to run away on tour together, terrorizing people with low end from Wichita all the way to NYC, so it should be a good send-off. Eccotone and Secret Cakes, a band "too new for the Internet," kick off the night.

I asked the poster's designer and member of Bludded Head, Nevada Hill, what he had in mind:

"I was thinking of Xerox flyers of the '80s that club owners did before there was a poster scene. Art of Modern Rock has a complete section about it. I wanted the poster to be gritty and suffocating due to the bands involved (also I think the loud factor adds a physicality that creates a harsh psychedelic experience).

"Also, I added the green sperm coming out of the sliced eye from the Dali film that the Pixies wrote about in that one song about slicing up eyeballs. Both images are taken from a Crap Hound."

Sliced eyeballs, aural suffocation and a possible psychedelic experience? What doesn't this show have?

"Back to the green sperm. The music can be looked at as over-masculine because of all the white males involved," Hill adds. "Except my band [Bludded Head] has Darcy Neal in it."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.