The Blue Light is going to bring a little country to Deep Ellum.
The Blue Light is going to bring a little country to Deep Ellum.

Lubbock Country Venue Blue Light Is Expanding to Dallas

Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Wade Bowen and more have all played Blue Light, a country venue in Lubbock. Now the small music venue is expanding to Deep Ellum.

Marc Torres, owner of the new Dallas location, says the venue will be between Stirr and Harlowe, at 2811 Main Street. He says it plans to open in early 2018.

"People tell me all the time that they don't listen to country acts, but they play all over, just not Dallas proper," Torres says. "They'll play in Forney, McKinney or Arlington or whatever, and people will travel from Dallas, so I just wanted to build a venue for these artists and this type of music and keep it smaller for Dallas proper."

Some of DFW's Texas country music venues, like Billy Bob's or Cowboys Red River, are reserved for bands that bring in large audiences. On the smaller end, Adair's in Deep Ellum can hold only about 240 people. So there's a sweet spot missing that Blue Light hopes to fill. Torres says the 5,000-square-foot venue will hold about 400 to 500 people.

"Deep Ellum has that live music culture; you can hear bands all the time," Torres says. "I love that atmosphere; I love that feeling."

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