Man Factory/Sensitivity Boosters

Arlington's Man Factory has been building momentum in concert for the past year, throwing enjoyable, oddball twee-pop shows that are filled with equal parts promise and sloppiness. Which half of the equation wins out on the young quintet's first official release? Hard to say. On their contributions to the Boyfriend Split EP, the band comes off like a high school A/V club unleashed on a studio with mouths full of Skittles. Their lyric sheet is ripped directly from notes passed during fifth-period algebra--"Step aside, girls, I'm a MILF-man...don't confuse me with a milkman, unless I'm honkin' on old ladies' boobs." Indeed. Their lyrics are pretty groan-worthy, but when they aren't giggling at each other's inside jokes, these kids are whipping up charming pop that shines in spite of cheap production, particularly on "Damn Dinosaurs," which makes the best of MF's skinny-white-kid harmony vocals and synth-backed head-bobbing melodies. MF has a ways to go before their promise is proven beyond a doubt, but Boyfriend Split is still a solid introduction to the band, and it's the best time you'll ever spend in study hall, as long as you completely ignore the second half of the album by former Dentonites Sensitivity Boosters. The latter group's "emo-rap" is the most embarrassing thing to happen to hip-hop since Kevin Federline. A song dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II and rapped in fake British accents? Kill me.

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