Max Cady

Wicked Ways, the new album from Justin Moore-led Dallas rock vets Max Cady, is a solid album. There's not much anyone will likely find objectionable, but there's not much to make one who isn't already into Max Cady get more excited about the current incarnation of the band. Perhaps blame it on a strong year for North Texas rock. Releases from Descender, Here Holy Spain, Soviet, Darstar, True Widow and Maleveller, among others, have set the bar terribly high for albums that aim to strip the paint off Elm or Main street storefronts.

The straightforward, power-plowing collection, especially tracks such as "40 Nights" and "Obey," leaves no need for hyphenated labels and the lack of pretense is admirable, even if the songs grow a bit one-note as the album spins away. Such is the risk with Max Cady, a band that's always been upfront about its desire to aggressively pursue truth by blasting out amps.

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Kelly Dearmore