Meat Loaf Endorses Mitt Romney by Completely, Absolutely Nailing "America the Beautiful"

Just in: Meat Loaf has officially locked down this campaign for Mitt Romney. Last night, over in Ohio, the Dallas-born Loaf put on performance that is sure pull the tides of undecided voters into Romney's boat. From the LA Times:

"This is the most important election in the history of the United States, because there has storm clouds come over the United States. There is thunderstorms over Europe," Meat Loaf said, misspeaking at several points. "There are hailstorms, and I mean major hailstorms, in the Middle East. There are storms brewing through China, through Asia, through everywhere, and there's only one man that"  -- he broke off abruptly.

Update 2:12 p.m.

: the original YouTube video got pulled. Here's CNN's embed.

He put the final flourish of whip cream on top with the above performance of "America the Beautiful." A few things from the clip to pay attention to:

1) When Meat Loaf awkwardly interrupts with "OH GO AHEAD NOW BROTHER" at :14 2) The awkward standing around 3) The terrible singing 4) When Meat Loaf belts "MITT ROMNEY" at 1:18 5) The terrible singing

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