Meet "Blue," the Young Fort Worth Drummer Who's Already a Metal Star

Every aspiring metal band knows that if they want their band truly to soar into the major leagues of arena playing, they need a drummer. Not just any drummer, but one who can keep the rhythm of the song and also provide the guttural devastation that lends depth and power to the growling of the guitars as they rage through their solos. Legends like John Bonham, Dave Lombardo, Vinnie Paul and, yes, even Tommie Lee have taken good tunes and transformed them into instant classics.

Drummers are the backbone of any good rock outfit, and they are the hardest workers. They have the most equipment to set up and tear down, and they take the most shit from other band members when a song fails. And while guitarists and bassists must use their fingers to create magic, drummers must use their whole body to weave their spells.

Finding a good drummer is like trying to find a good rehearsal space in a sea of suburbia. So when Bruce Corbitt and Scott Shelby of Warbeast spotted Joey "Blue" Gonzalez blasting spells from his drum kit with his former death metal band Demonseed, they knew they were witnessing something special--a true legend in the making.

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